The story about America’s oldest gunmaker continues. In our article published a few days ago about the Remington assets being divided Roundhill Group, LLC was mentioned as one of the successful bidders. Today it was made official that they have purchased Remington Firearms, and that the purchase includes “all long guns, shotguns, pistols, the firearms manufacturing facilities, museum and giftshop.” So the question everyone is asking themselves is who are the people behind Roundhill Group? The Press Release gives some information and, probably most importantly, their intentions with Remington seems real and genuine. Hopefully they have the knowledge and skills to take Remington into the future.

Below is the Press Release in full:

Thursday, October 1, 2020
Roundhill Group LLC Purchases Remington Firearms
Lancaster, PA — Roundhill Group, LLC, an investment company with headquarters in Pennsylvania and Florida announced that it is purchasing Remington Firearms. The purchase includes all long guns, shotguns, pistols, the firearms manufacturing facilities, museum and giftshop.
With this acquisition have come many industry questions and rumors. Roundhill Group LLC partner and spokesman, Jeff Edwards addresses these issues:
“As is known, Roundhill Group LLC and a group of experienced firearms manufacturing and hunting industry professionals is in the process of purchasing Remington Firearms. Our intent with this acquisition is to return the company to its traditional place as an iconic American hunting brand. We intend to maintain, care for and nurture the brand and all of the dedicated employees who have crafted these products over the years for outdoors men and women both here in the USA and abroad. More than anything we want to make Remington a household name that is spoken with pride.”
The Roundhill Group is comprised of a group of individuals all of whom have years of experience in engineering, manufacturing and marketing both in and outside of the firearms space. They are all life-long hunting advocates and staunch Remington brand loyalists. They will work tirelessly to ensure that this company takes its rightful place as the iconic American brand that it was and still is.

About Jeff Edwards

With more than 26 years of industry experience, Jeff currently is managing partner at Stryk Group, an impact consulting company for the world’s leading hunting, camping, fishing and firearms brands. He has held positions with leading outdoor companies such as, Hoyt Archery, Defiance Machine and others. He has hunted all over the US and abroad.

His reason for purchasing Remington Firearms: “Remington, to me, represents the Harley Davidsons of the hunting firearms industry. It is one of the oldest firearms companies and to have this opportunity to invest my time and energy to revitalize the brand that I love and truly believe in is a dream come true. I can’t wait for the day when it has the loyalty, prestige and following it once had. It won’t be long. Just wait and see.”

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What do you think of the new development with Remington Firearms and the potential future for the new company?

By Eric B. – October 1, 2020

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